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Spring Exhibition 2008

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Spring Exhibition 2008
DATES: 30th April – 10thMay 2008
PREVIEW: 29th April 6.30 – 9.30pm
PRESS PREVIEW: 29th April 12.30 – 5.00pm
VENUE: A&D Gallery 51 Chiltern Street, London W1
April 30th sees the opening of an exciting exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Painting at A&D Gallery in London’s Marylebone.
Curated by Joy Hai-Qin Zhang – whose new company, Hai Gallery Limited, specializes in bringing the best Contemporary Chinese Art to London – the exhibition will showcase the most original work from exciting emerging artists who have never shown outside of China.
Already respected and acclaimed in China, Wang Zhijie, Song Ying, Cui Wei, Ren Hong and Gong Ming –typify the radical, avant-garde style of work that is making Contemporary Chinese Art the most sought-after, fashionable and collectible on the world market today.
“I have selected this portfolio of artists from many exciting talents currently coming to light in Beijing as I feel they give insight into emerging trends in mainland China while also appealing to Western tastes – at a price point that will attract first time buyers and collectors alike.”
While reminiscent of Pop Art , these artists have a distinctive voice of their own that speaks of rapid social change in China and its influence of that change on the future of the young Chinese,” said Miss Joy Zhang, commenting on her exhibition. “A&D Gallery is the perfect venue for this, my first exhibition, for the innovative, eclectic work it features and its discerning clientele. I am thrilled at this opportunity to be showing such enjoyable work here in London”.
The exhibition will be held at Marylebone’s A&D Gallery and will run for two weeks.