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Opening Exhibition: From Here to Eternity

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01-   Jan 2012 ,Hai Gallery is pleased to announce it has moved to new premises at No.46  Cao Chang Di, Chao Yang District, Beijing, China 100015



London Hai Gallery Settles into Beijing’s 798 Art Zone
Opening Exhibition: From Here to Eternity

In this golden October of autumn, Hai Gallery, which first debuted in London by Ms Joy Hai-Qin Zhang, has settled into Beijing. The opening ceremony will be held on November 3rd of 2011, accompanied by its first exhibition themed “From Here to Eternity”. Focusing on Chinese contemporary art, Hai Gallery will exhibit brilliant contemporary art works selected from all around the world and will introduce for the first time celebrated western artists to China, such as Sonia Falcone. It will present a feast for the eyes and a journey of the soul for Chinese audiences.

Great works of some celebrated western artists will be shown for the first time in China in the opening exhibition, highlighted by Sonia Falcone’s Windows of the Soul and Sun of Righteousness. Gang Si and Nirvana by the famous Chinese artist Mr. Liangang Sun will also be on exhibition. With different, special and distinguished styles, these works have the power to immerse audiences in a mood of self-less awareness, an atmosphere from deep within their sub-conscious. They inspire the inner aspirations and higher ideals of audiences, drawing their souls towards senses of eternity. The exhibition on the theme of “From Here to Eternity” will be open January 2012.

Ms. Sonia Falcone is a mother of three children. Her passion in life and work contribute to her “works of true love”. Windows of the Soul is a colorful 3D video projection and demonstrates an impressively beautiful scene with the projection of neon lights. Just like the Lascaux cave paintings of primitive images, Windows of the Soul touches people’s hearts. Through the changing colors and abstract shapes, Sonia provides people with inspiration and helps them see beyond the superficial level of reality to discover the hidden, more beautiful and eternal side of life. Mr. Sun Liangang serves as a board member of the Chinese Artists Association and the curator of the Caochangdi Gallery of Art. His works features dynamism and vitality, expressing a special “perception” and “spirit” through simple images. As a representative of Chinese special contemporary expressionism, he says that “once endowed with a soul, art will assume the mission of creating eternity.”

In 2007, Ms. Joy Hai-Qin Zhang established Hai Gallery in Central London, exhibiting Chinese contemporary arts to European audiences, introducing Chinese artists to the western world for the first time, and has provided opportunities for emerging artists to show their works in foreign lands. Four years later, Hai Gallery brings its platform to Beijing’s 798 Art Zone, for contemporary arts from all around the world to be shown in China and bringing many celebrated international artists to Asia. Ms. Zhang said, Hai Gallery will serve as a bond between oriental and western arts. Whether in London or in Beijing, the gallery offers art fans and collectors a platform to enjoy the artists’ latest original great works which crystallize the inspiration of artists from different cultures.

From London to Beijing, Hai Gallery builds a bridge for the communication between oriental and western contemporary artists, glorifying the classic contemporary art works. The exhibition on the theme of “From Here to Eternity” will present art works by western contemporary artists who come to China for the first time. It will surely be a feast for your eyes and a journey of the soul. Art may touch the soul of audiences and thus change the way we live and feel about life. On November 3rd, let’s commune with contemporary art in Hai Gallery.

Address: Building B-07, #1 North Street of 798 Art Zone, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing.China