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Biography: Tsai Yulong

Tsai Yu-Long was born in 1952 in Taiwan. He finished his fine art degree in the National Taiwan University of Arts, which is known as one of the top art school in Taiwan. Since then he has received the Top Award from the National Taiwan University of Arts and also the National Taiwan Gold Anchor Award from the Taiwanese government.

Tsai Yu-Long graduated from the university in the year 1979, as soon as he finished his study, he held his first solo exhibition in the Taipei Fine Art Museum in the year 1981 which was a very rare occurrence for his generation of artists at that time. Since then Tsai Yu-Long has held various shows and exhibitions in museums and galleries in different regions in Taiwan.

Recently, Tsai Yu-Long starts to receive more international attention. At the end of the year 2007, Tsai Yu-Long held his first overseas solo exhibition in Shanghai. In 2008, he was invited to join the Time-Place-Person Chinese & German Contemporary Art exhibition in Xuhui Art Museum in Shanghai. In the same year, his works were also shown in the 2008 China University Culture Contemporary Art Exhibition. Besides, Tsai Yu-Long also had his first show in Europe, he joined Hai Gallery’s annual Autumn Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition in London’s Kensington and Chelsea area. In the up-coming year, 2009, Tsai Yu-Long has scheduled to hold his solo exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

Unlike other Chinese contemporary artists, we can say that Tsai Yu-Long’s art works are presented in a more sophisticated format. What makes Tsai Yu-Long different is he devotes himself to integrating Chinese Calligraphy and Western Art together, focusing in absorbing the essence of the Chinese calligraphy, catching the visual sensation of the traditional calligraphy model. As a renown Japanese art critic, Masuda Yusaku, has said, “to understand Tsai’s works, you need to feel the rhythm transferring through the art and the characters. Tsai Yu-long has successfully bring the idea of new expressionism integrating “calligraphy painting” and “painting calligraphy”.”

Tsai Yu-Long now lives and works in Taipei and China and recently set up a new studio in Shanghai. As Tsai Yu-Long’s art works are becoming more and more popular, his art work’s value has significantly increased; especially during the past two years, many buyers and collectors from Japan, European and America specially came to Shanghai to collect his works.

Please ask Hai Gallery for Tsai Yulong’s CV.