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Biography: Sun Lianggang

Chinese Painters Association   Director
Cao Chang Di Arts                      Art Director
Asia Art Funds                            Art Director
Asia Art Expo                              Art Director

Peking University
Master of Professional Aesthetics Study


2008  ” Dialogue” Chinese Nation’s Fine Arts Publishing House


2010  Group Show Hai Gallery, London

2008  Sun Liangang Solo Exhibition ,                           Asia Art Funds. China

2008  Chinese Contemporary Poets Art Exhibition ,     The Central Academy of Fine Arts



Chinese Contemporary Implicationism- Liu Shuishi, Set Free From Fine Arts        798 space , China           Chinese Contemporary Implicationism – Ke Liang’s exhibition                              798 Art Bridge Gallery. China


The Scene of Scene- Fan Shuru’s Exhibition                                                         Asia Art Funds. China
Chinese Contemporary Implicationism- Gu Gan’s Exhibition                          Asia Art

Funds. China


2008  Chinese Contemporary Implicationism- Start from Now on

2008  Sun Liangang : ” Fine art is not Art”

2008  The Spirit and Power of Contemporary Art

2008  Chinese Version-Contemporary Art
” We do not have our own Contemporary Art in China-1   The Dialogue between Xu Liang and Sun Liangang

2008  Chinese Version-Contemporary Art

” We do not have our own Contemporary Art in China-2   The Dialogue between Xu Liang , Sun Liangang and Fan Shuru

2007  ” Sun Liangang V.S. DR.Xia- when art Encounters Philosophy”

2007   “Sun Liangang – The confession of Art District”


” Color Boundary” Series

” Plants ” Series

” Food Grain ” Series

” Nirvana” Series

Live Painting- Cooperating with an American Artist