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Biography: Han Qing


1968, Born in Sichuan Province,China.

1992, Graduated from Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts.

2007, Residency at SSamzie Space Studio Pragram, Seoul, Korea.

Now live in Beijing ,China.


Solo Exhibitions

2010,  HAN QING NEW WORK. Red Gate Gallery, Beijing.

2006,  At Night.  Red Gate Gallery,  Beijing , China.

             Night Jazz.  Studio Rouge Gallery of Contemporary art ,  Shanghai. China.

2004,  Night Trip ,  Chengdu Art , Chengdu ,China.

             Under the Light, Orient Foundation Macau——China Delegation, Macau ,China.

2002,  Street Light, Canvas International Art , Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2001,  The Subject of Night, Antelope Art Gallery, Chengdu, China.


Group Exhibitions

2012Two Generations – 20 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art 2012 Australian Tour: City of Sydney Chinese New Year; Manning Regional Gallery; Damien Minton Gallery; University of Newcastle Gallery; Melbourne International Fine Arts (MiFA); Linton & Kay, Perth

201120 Years – Two Generations of Artists at Red Gate

             Art Beijing, Beijing

             Red Gate Launch Pad, Red Gate Gallery,Beijing

2010,  Art Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2009,   HEARD ON, Red Gate Gallery,Beijing.

             China Form. Red Gate Gallery,Beijing.

             30℃. Island6/Studio Rouge Gallery of Contemporary art. Shanghai.

             30℃. Red Gate Gallery,Beijing.

             Danish Gala Ball 2009,DCCC,BEIJING.

             New Opportunities in a New Climate, Red Gate Gallery

2008,     Red Gate Stars . Red Gate Gallery. Beijing.China.

              CHINA LANDSCAPE,Jang art gallery.Beijing.

              ‘Power .Shape’ ,International Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition. Bridge Art Center.Beijing.

              New Art from Sichuan. The Collection Gallery. Lincoln, UK.

             “CHINA SCENE”,Galerie d’Art du Theatre d’Esch in Luxembourg

2007,    Art Beijing. Beijing,China.

              CHINA SENSATION—New Art from Chengdu. Art Gallery Of  Alberta ,Edmonton ,Alberta, Canada.

              “NOCTURNALS”, Canvas International Art,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

              China International Gallery Exposition, Beijing, China.

              The 8th SSamzie Space Open Studio Exhibition.  Seoul,  Korea .

2006,    Art Beijing , Beijing, China.

               New Wave , Malinda Art Gallery,  Singapore.

               Red Gate Gallery’s 15th Anniversary, Beijing,China.

               China International Gallery Exposition, Beijing , China.

2005,   Art Contemporary China 2005 , Esquina con Colima. Col.Roma.  Mexico City.

               Representation em Exhibition Colectiva ,  S.Paulo, Brazil .

               Exhibition colectiva de artistas-galeria 57, Portugal .

               18 Chinese Contemporary Artists Live in Chengdu, Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore .

2004,    KunstRAI 2004 , Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

              Crowds and Voids: 11+1 , Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai, China .

              ArtRotterdam, Rotterdam ,the Netherlands.

2003,    Third Chinese oil painting Exhibition, China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing, China .

              Sichuan Oil Painting Exhibition, Sichuan Museum of Fine Arts, China .

2002,    Existence Sublimation, Cross Arts Exhibition, Chengdu, China .

2001,    Chengdu Contemporary Arts Exhibition, Chengdu, China .

2000,    Life in the Dark—–2000 Contemporary Arts Exhibition, Chengdu, China .

1999,    Twinkling——Chinese Fine Arts at the End of the Century, Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago, U.S.A .


Public Collections

AKZO NOBEL Art Foundation, the Netherlands .

Orient Foundation Macau——China Delegation, Macau, China .