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Autumn Exhibition 2008

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Autumn Exhibition 2008
HAI GALLERY’S AUTUMN EXHIBITION runs from Nov 24-29th at “The Gallery 77”, 77 Kensington Church Street, and features paintings from a selection of the most talented Contemporary Chinese Artists from Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan.
Curated by Joy – Hai Qin Zhang, the exhibition will showcase work by rising stars of the Contemporary Chinese art scene, including Wu Yiqiang, Gong Ming, Shen Liang, Xu Weiqiang and Tsai Yulong, some showing their work in Europe for the first time. The selection of work illustrates a sense of passing life stages as personal reflection on the rapid social change currently occurring in Chinese culture.
Thus the show opens with the sensual female figures of Wu Yiqiang’s “Bamboo Girls” and Gong Ming’s “Champagne Fluties” – stylised red-lipped models in crystal glasses – both plays on the changing social and sexual lifestyles of young adults in Chinese society today. Next, Shen Liang’s work, subtly distances the viewer from images from his childhood – scenes of much-loved comic-strip characters and doodles on school notebooks – to prompt questions about their significance and cultural context. Moving on, the paintings of Xu Weiqiang and those of Sun Yinjie both concern the inter-relationships between members of a particular group, whether those of a family tree or of a troupe of Chinese opera performers.
While the striking portraits of Huang He seem to capture a sense of the infinite and cosmic energies beyond, and the brilliant canvasses of Tsai Yulong fuse traditional Chinese Buddhist Calligraphic Sutras with modern western techniques to inspire a sense of liberation that transcends earthly ties.